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Did You Know?

- Ferrets lack a cecum to digest/ process fuits and vegetables.

- A ferrets left lung has 2 lobes, while the right has 4.

- A ferrets body contains 14 or 15 pairs of ribs.

- A kit has 30 baby teeth, while an adult has 34.

- Food fully travels throughout their system in 3 hours.



Though ferrets love to play with toys, there is one thing that they love more than that.....to drag their toys to their favorite hiding spot (one reason they are also known as little thieves). It is important for you to know where their little toy chest is, because when you can't find something like your keys or remote control, at least you'll know where to look to recover them. Ferrets are very much like little children when it comes to toys: we gather up all their toys, put them back in a box or corner, and no sooner do we finish they are right behind us taking them back and bringing them back to their favorite hiding spot where they think they belong. It's a losing battle, so don't try to win it.

When selecting toys for your ferret, it is important to really look it over and ensure there are no Toyssmall parts that they can chew off and swallow, and that it is made sturdy. You can give them ferret toys, cat toys, dog toys and even baby toys, as long as it is made sturdy enough with no parts capable of being torn or chewed off and are NOT plastic. You should always inspect the quality of their toys on a regular basis as well, to ensure they always remain in safe condition.

You do not need to spend a fortune on ferret toys for your fuzzy, homemade is appreciated just as much and a lot cheaper. They love towels, old shirts, pants, socks with bells in them (preferably white), etc. Tubes will keep them busy for hours, whether they are the plastic ones, or dryer hoses. You can even give them paper towel rolls as long as you cut a slit down the length of it (ferrets have gotten caught inside the tube and suffered serious consequences).Toys Another favorite is a dig box: buy a large plastic storage box and fill it with either rice (NOT the instant kind, as when swallowed it will expand possibly causing a serious blockage problems needing medical intervention at once), or actual playground sand you can get at a home improvement store.

When playing with your ferret it is important to keep in mind that they are used to playing rough with each other and might not adjust to our sensitive skin, which is not done on purpose. When and if this should happen, it is extremely important that you NEVER hit your ferret, as this will just teach them that humans can not be trusted and will hurt them; the end result will be a ferret that does go around biting people which is not what you want! The proper way to train and teach your ferret is to scruff their neck, loudly say "ouch" or "no", and drag them on the ground a little just like their mother would do when teaching them, but do NOT be rough with them! Another option would be to spray your hands with bitter apple, which most ferrets hate the taste of. Another option would be to place nutrical/laxitone on your hand which they usually love, and will teach them you are made for kisses not teeth.

So gather up your fuzzies, their toys and have a ball. They will certainly keep you entertained for quite some time as they go around dooking, chucking and war dancing all over the place!

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Health Tid Bits

- Ferret's normal rectal temperature is between 100 - 104 with 101.9 being the average.

- Heart rate is 180 - 250 bpm with 225 being average.

- Respiration is 33-36 per minute.

- Normal urine pH is 6.5 - 7.5

- Blood volume is 60-80 ml/ kg.

- Ferrets do possess toxoplasmosis in their systems. However, unlike cats they cannot release/ shed the infected eggs back into the environment, they hit a dead end, so humans cannot catch the disease.

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